New And Improved Samsung Themes! A Look At Galaxy S8 Samsung Themes


The Galaxy S8 was finally released last week on the 21st! The △Innovative bezel-less design, △12 megapixel dual pixel sensor, △Bixby – the AI service that communicates with people – have all been helping the S8 garner attention long before its release. The S8 is also stoking the demand of many customers thanks to its design matching well with the colors (Orchid Gray, Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Arctic Silver).


Today let’s take a closer look at Samsung Themes, a service that lets users add prettier and cooler stylings to their Galaxy S8! Samsung Themes is a phone theme service that gives a unified feel to the TouchWiz UI. There are currently more than 10,000 themes to choose from. Take a minute to check out the newest version of Samsung Themes, full of fresh upgrades timed for release of the Galaxy S8.


#1. Themes, Wallpaper, Icons, AOD! Even More Products to Choose From

▲ Wallpaper

▲ Themes

▲ Icons

▲ AOD Product Screen

There are 4 different types of products available on Samsung Themes on the Galaxy S8. You can find everything from themes that change the Look & Feel of the Galaxy screen, to Wallpaper, Icons, and AOD (Always on Display). All products are available for individual download, offering the thrilling experience of Mixing & Matching to create your own unique theme. (Add a Mix&Match image?)


#2. Using Samsung Themes on the Galaxy S8 – Easier than Ever

▲ Screen when you press and hold screen

▲ Screen when you select [Settings]

▲ Screen when you select [Background & Themes]


Using Samsung Themes on the Galaxy S8 is easier than ever! Press and hold the Home Screen, or click [Settings] to find [Background & Themes]. You can go straight to Samsung Themes by clicking. Make sure to take full advantage of Samsung Themes!


#3. You Can Collect and Find Content Easily!

There are over 10,000 pieces of content in Samsung Themes. How nice would it be to find content that fits your style quickly?!? With the updated Samsung Themes, you can use these new convenient features to find the content you want, fast. First, the [See More] feature allows you to see content thumbnails at once! Click the  button on the [List] screen to browse more content on just one screen.


This allows you to check out all the products that interest you at once. If you click [Designer Name] on the Content Details screen, you can find the designer’s portfolio and all of the products they are currently selling. Finding content in Samsung Themes is super easy, right?


▲ Samsung Themes [Compile] Feature

▲ Samsung Themes [Portfolio] Feature

That’s it for the introduction of the newly upgraded Samsung Themes. We’ve done our best to offer a wide variety of products to give users even more choice, and the simple UI makes choosing content even more fun. It’s so easy you could even change your phone’s theme to match the mood of the day. We hope you use Samsung Themes on your Galaxy S8 to add some style to your daily life.