How to Use Samsung Themes! Mix & Match


Hello everyone! A message from the editor: we here at Samsung Themes are hard at work every day to deliver good news:) Moving forward I plan to give all Galaxy users convenient access to in-depth Samsung Themes news so they can take full advantage of Samsung Themes. Today I am happy to introduce the Mix & Match feature. This is going to help satisfy all of your [Theme] demands! I am sure all of you have installed a △wallpaper, downloaded a △launcher, or taken time to set up each and every △icon after getting your first smart phone. While transforming the look of your phone to ‘your style’ is great, it’s a pain to get an app, download, and set up all the content.


Samsung Themes is offering the  [Themes] feature, which gives a unified Look & Feel to your background screen / icons / phone / messenger, etc to eliminate this inconvenience. How nice is it to change your entire design with just one click? ^^.

▲ Samsung Themes Application Screen

While with the theme feature styling your phone is easy, it seems like there will be a lot of people who want to change everything from their wallpaper to icons. Therefore, Samsung Themes is offering a unique product on Android Nougat OS for people who want to personalize their phone a little more according to their own style.


Themes, Wallpaper, AOD! Even More Products

▲ Wallpaper

▲ Themes

▲ Icons

▲ AOD Product Screen

Android Nougat OS allows Galaxy S8 users to download and install Wallpaper / icons / AOD content  individually. Find a theme that matches your style by downloading content you like. Just like coordinating today’s outfit! With Mix & Match, all you have to do is select and apply the content you like in each Tab. I also enjoy styling my Galaxy with Mix & Match, so I decided to go with an ‘Emotional Night & Day’ concept and give Mix & Match a go.

First, select and download each product in Samsung Themes. I chose a star-filled night sky for my theme, Bolivia’s Uyuni Lake for my wallpaper, pastel colored icons, and a bold AOD.


▲ Themes

▲ Wallpaper

▲ Icon

▲ AOD Download Screen

All you have to do next is apply the products. Install by clicking the [Apply] button on the product download page. You can check the Apply screen immediately after installation. Did I succeed in creating my ‘Emotional Night and Day’ theme?

▲ Mix & Match Screen

Having finished writing this, I have a feeling there will be a lot more interesting and cool Mix & Match themes than mine^^;  Give it a go you guys! Use the Mix & Match feature to transform the Look & Feel of your phone into something that fits your style! I hope everyone will keep an eye out for future posts from Samsung Themes. Goodbye for today!