Trick or Treat!



Every year on the night of October 31st, a festival begins.


Wherever you go, there are dark and spooky decorations such as spider webs and black cats hanging from every door and pumpkins carved with scary faces. Children go door to door shouting “Trick or Treat” wearing skeleton, ghost, and superhero costumes, mark the beginning of Halloween.


Halloween is a unique Celtic tradition. As the Irish immigrated to America, Halloween has become one of the most well-known festivals in America. Not only is Halloween celebrated in America, but it is also celebrated all around the world these days.


Introducing our 11th Theme Story, Halloween Day.




A big pumpkin is an essential decoration that appears on Halloween Day. Homes are decorated with jack-o’-lanterns, which are made out by carving eyes, nose, and mouth of a pumpkin and placing a candle inside.


There is an interesting story behind jack-o’-lantern. A man named Jack played a trick on the devil. After Jack died, the spiteful devil did not allow Jack to either enter heaven or hell. While wandering around in the dark and cold, Jack was able to get an ember from the flames of hell by begging to the devil. Even up to this day, Jack is still wandering around with an ember inside a pumpkin. The pumpkin Jack is carrying, is now a must-have item for Halloween.


Let’s meet Jack-o’-lantern through Samsung Themes.


Halloween party_THENEW

Halloween pumpkin face_dajeong kim

Happy Halloween_Phan Thi Quynh Lien

Haunted House_Petit Yul

JOY Trick or treat_Tianjin Joy Technology Co., Ltd

Trick or Treat_2DayUK Limited




On Halloween day, it is easy to find ghosts, skeletons, and zombies walking through the streets. This culture has started from the Celts.


The Celts believed that on the last day of the year, the evil spirits would come out into the world. Therefore, in order to not be harmed by the evil spirits, people started to dress up like one of them. This became the beginning of Halloween costumes. Nowadays not only are scary costumes worn, but popular characters and unique costumes are also worn.


Let’s find the classic Halloween ghost and skeleton characters on Samsung Themes.


Horror Halloween Day_dwith

Halloween_MINDON Co., Ltd.

Skull Family II_POLYCUBE Inc.

Ghost Halloween_Cogul Planet Inc.

Halloween Skull_aire design

Happy Scary Halloween_Lyon studio




The scariest is the most popular on Halloween Day.


One of the most classic characters on Halloween is the witch. Witches are able to interact with the devil using the magic of darkness and can place a curse or spell to turn into an animal. They are popular villains in fairy tales.


Whenever you think of a witch, the first thing that pops into your head is her crooked nose, pointy hat, black cat, and broom, which she uses to fly. What will the witch look like in Samsung Themes?


[VIVA] vivi’s halloween_motiveflux interactive

Cute halloween_pixome design

Halloween Adventure & MOH_MOH Inc.

Happy Halloween_THENEW

trick or treat_dwith

The night of happy halloween_THENEW