Themes meet oriental art


Oriental Art, how far do you know about it? Faraway, so close and inexplicit Oriental Art, let’s go to check out its easily understood core!


In the East, drawing work was done with ink sticks and writing brushes. Once the artist drew a line, it became irrevocable so they used depth and thickness of lines as tools of expression to express the object delicately and diversely. Therefore, even with a light line, the art with beauty of line could be realized.


Does the drawing look bare? In the East Art, space is one of the elements to complete landscape not empty space. With space it brings comfort, adding a quaint beauty and a feeling of afterglow.


It is said that they drew animals and mystical creatures on the drawings and presented it to others or kept it in their home to wish their home peace and happiness.


Oriental Art is being recreated and transformed by current Artists. Meet the beauty of Oriental Art newly born as Themes now.


– Source / Painter / Qiu Ying (1494-1552, Chinese painter) / Shim Sajung (1707-1769, Josun Dynasty Korea) / Unknown (20th centure, Himachal Pradesh)