Taste shooting color combinations, Gradient Design


If you are a Theme Service user, you may have seen themes with gradient many times. Gradient background is widely used in Web/Mobile services as it brings depth in screen, enhancing readability of contents such as text and icons and it facilitate more unconstrained expression in diverse atmospheres and images by blending colors

Why don’t you meet a whole new atmosphere with diverse combinations of gradient color?


White snow on a snowy field, a clear lake, transparent ocean in the South Pacific, a green forest, fresh air, fresh vegetables Innocent, clear and fresh atmosphere

A combination of Blue, a bright and vivid color in overall, and Green, a cold color, brings cool and clear feelings.


A warm atmosphere, soft baby skin, a smooth feeling, silky hair Still, calm and static atmosphere

As for gentle and calm color combinations or bright tones combinations, it tends to bring a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time it brings the warmth and the tender sensitivity.


Soil in nature or a wide field, trees, a green forest, a piece of handcraft with a humble feeling An image bringing fresh and comfortable moods with softness and intimacy.

if you combine yellowish colors such as beige with simple and comfortable feelings and ivory with medium tone green, not dark or bright, it brings a feeling of bright nature and it gives a continuous impression to others.


Free and comfortable clothes, a pleasant feeling, a dynamic activity and etc. Non-too-stodgy and non-boring, free and dynamic atmosphere with pleasant and cheerful emotions.

A showy color arrangement of soft and bright colors brings an atmosphere which is free, sensitive and fresh just like a feeling of comfort and pleasant rhythmic sense. It features only two or three tone blending.


Classical architecture, vintage furniture, antique interior, traditional clothes, a stone wall and etc. Classical, traditional, conservative, elegance, depth and smooth mellowness, an atmosphere with stability

Colors with a classical feeling are made mainly from brown series that make us feel precious value of long history and beyond that colors with depth and darkness such as yellow and dark grey are used as a dominant color. It makes us feel rich and the depth of human life.


A motion of a ballerina, graceful peacock, refined jewelry, purple clothes and etc. A refined and gentle atmosphere, feminine and mysterious

Typical colors for this feeling are soft grey, pink, violet series. Giving the contrast with strong color will deliver intense beauty and subdued gradation arrangement will bring peaceful and refined elegance.


High-tech atmosphere, sophisticated product, simple interior in a city and etc. Urbane sensitivity and cutting edge atmosphere, an adventurous, characteristic and advanced image

Dominant colors for modern images consist of achromatic colors such as black, grey and white and blue series. A modern image has cold and rigid images but it also contains simple and sophisticated images.



What are the gradation colors and images you prefer?

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참고도서: Color Design Book (저자 박명환/길벗)


참고도서: Color Design Book (저자 박명한/길벗)


참고도서: Color Design Book (저자 박명한/길벗)


참고도서: Color Design Book (저자 박명한/길벗)


참고도서: Color Design Book (저자 박명한/길벗)


참고도서: Color Design Book (저자 박명한/길벗)


참고도서: Color Design Book (저자 박명한/길벗)