It’s Summer! What do You Say to a Trip With Samsung Themes?!?



The sizzling sun, and its bright summer days!

How are you spending this scorching summer?


How about enjoying the best things about summer with Themes?



Summer camping trip / PhintonART

[VIVA] camping / motiveflux interactive

Green Story (AOD) / Petit Yul


Get your tent and go! If it’s summer, there has to be camping!

Camping means sizzling barbecues and romantic campfires, set against a dark summer night!



White Flat & MOH (Live & AOD) / MOH Inc.

Evening Glow Desert & MOH (Live & AOD) / MOH Inc.


How about a special summer getaway?

Fight fire with fire! Try escaping to the middle of a vast desert!

Enjoy what the desert has to offer, from its white sands to its enchanting sunsets!



[aire] Vacation / aire design

Enjoy summer vacation_Sujin OH – THENEW / THENEW


Beat the heat with fresh sea breezes on a yacht!

Enjoy the summer days with rolling waves!



Pure and fresh summer / Hideco

Vintage summer vacation / PhintonART

People on the road / jiNan bird culture media Co., Ltd.


How about an impromptu road trip? Just get in the car and go wherever the road takes you.

Enjoying the views as you drive, drinking in the beauty of nature and healing yourself – isn’t that what road trips are all about?



[SHMO] Beach Life / SHMO Designs

Beach Battle / Cheil Pengtai

[HIO] Summer Vacation / HIO STUDIO


Let’s go to the beach! Take a dip in the rejuvenating sea~

Lay in the white sand, build a sandcastle, ride the waves~ ☺



sky travel(Live)_AJI – THENEW / THENEW

Fly On The Plane / Cheil Pengtai


Isn’t it nice to go on a faraway summer trip, and just give yourself up to the blue sky?

Hop on a plane and get away – wherever you go, it’s exciting!



[IMG] Dream8 (LIVE) / Lu Zheng

The meaning of travel / jiNan bird culture media Co., Ltd.

[Code Art] Dolomiti / Made in Italy Code Art A.C.


How about relaxing in the shade of a nice tree?

From the fresh shade of the forest to the ultimate pleasure of nature!



[VIVA] cool summer / motiveflux interactive

Pool Time [The Glass House] / The Glass House

SummerStyle / Alanly


Can’t go very far? Splash into a pool!

Play some water games, swim! Two birds, one stone!



Lazy Day & MOH (Live & AOD) / MOH Inc.

Summer holiday(Live/AOD/iris)_CHASSAM – THENEW / THENEW


No matter what anyone says, nothing beats just chilling in the summer!

If you can’t go anywhere, enjoy your staycation!




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It’s a hot, hot summer, but how about fighting the heat in your own unique way? Together with Samsung Themes, of course~ ☺