Refresh your minds through animal themes



From pet animals that share our daily lives to wild animals that live in the African grassland located on the opposite side of our Earth, various animals exist in our world. When we stop and look at these creatures, it feels as if time has slowed and also gives a sense of calmness.


In fact, pet therapy, which uses animals to treat trauma and depression, has recently been gaining popularity. Although it may not be a standard treatment, cute animal pictures or patting them softly can be a huge comfort.


In the 9th Theme story, we would like to introduce animal themes that shed a smile on our face just by looking at it.


#Dogs, our friends forever


Dogs that provide unconditional and endless love are referred to as a human’s best friend forever. When you return home after a hard day’s work, a warm happy welcome from our dogs are sometimes just enough to relieve our day long exhaustion. They are adorable, lovely and loyal animals.


This year, especially being the year of the dog, themes related to this animal has gotten huge popularity from the start of the year. What kind of themes related to dogs, the animals that receive as much love as they give, are there?


Beautiful Crazy Flying / Cheil Pengtai

Shiba Face / ALTTAM

Porry Theme / Sugar Cat and Candy Doggie


Summer Shiba / AB Studio Inc.

Angry Purppy / 1624


# Cats, animals with a snooty charm


Cats have a charm that is completely different from dogs. They do not crave for love and while they seem to understand humans, they are snooty animals that never seem to move as we want them to. However, they seem perfect but are clumsy at the same time, which makes them loved as much as dogs.


How did the theme express this charming twist that cats have?


Hunter Cat / IMOB

[Goma]Sad Cat / miji lee

Window / dwith

Universe Cat /  aire design

[Viva] Snowcat / motiveflux interactive

Cute Cat / guangxu zhu


# Africa, the animal kingdom


Africa is literally an animal kingdom. You can observe wild animals that live fierce everyday lives just for survival. Particularly, numerous creatures from huge animals including lions, giraffes and elephants to small cute animals such as meerkats and Fennec foxes coexist in this world.


Let’s see how the theme reflected the wild animals living a fierce, intense life, shall we?


Spring By Marc Allante / Cogul Planet Inc.

[Rabo] Hello! Giraffe / enju Lee

Rhinos / UReflection

Growling Jaguar / Olga Gabai

Majestic Lion Live Theme / Themes Digital

Colored Stripes Zebra / butterfly-effected GmbH


# Familiar farm animals


Though not categorized as pets, like dogs or cats, there are animals that are familiar to us. Big, yellow, cows, horses running with their manes flapping, chickens that proudly display its red comb and yellow chicks that follow right behind, they are the animals of the farm.


Farm animals that cannot be excluded in our lives, meet them in our theme as well!


Piyo / Pengtai Korea

[Woos_Design]Duck / Jaewoo Park

Chinese Zodiac-Pig / NOTEFOLIO.CO.,LTD

Little Alpaca / ALTTAM

Beautiful Horses / 2DayUK Limited

The Bull_Lee Jung-Seob / POLYCUBE Inc.


# The strongest weapon ‘cuteness’


It is almost safe to say that the strongest weapon in the world is ‘cuteness’. This cuteness can be found regardless of species and size. We can naturally shed a huge smile on our face when we see cute animals such as an angry hedgehog, with its prickles all stood up, smiling happily after the scent of food or two baby bear brothers brawling on their two feet.


Let’s meet these extremely cute animals through these themes, shall we?


Bearling / Dwith

Water Color Fox / pixome design

Hedgehog / miji lee

Happy Beluga & Moh / MOH Inc.

[Mr.T X Autistar] Save The Earth / Apposter

Rabbit & Flower_Yr / Thenew