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It seems like we’ve waited a lifetime, but it’s finally here! The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics have arrived!

And for those of you out there who love winter sports? The wait must’ve felt even longer!

In honor of the international celebration, let’s meet the mascots for the 2018 PyeonngChang Winter Olympics and learn the meaning behind their design~



I’m the star of this town~♬ Me me me~♪

Introducing, the mascots for the PyeongChang 2018 Games: Soohorang and Bandabi!


Shall we go ahead and meet Soohorang first?


▲ Olympic mascot, Soohorang



The Siberian white tiger is the national animal of South Korea.

What’s the meaning behind this mascot’s name? Well, in Korean, ‘sooho’ means ‘protection,’ symbolizing safety and security for all the athletes, participants, and spectators of this year’s Olympics. Next, ‘rang’ comes from a traditional folk song that symbolizes the tiger as well as Gangwando (the province where PyeonChang is located).



▲ Bobsled

▲ Figure Skating

▲ Freestyle Skiing



Aren’t you curious how the mascot was designed and the motifs we used? What about the tiger’s personality? Aren’t you just dying to know?!?

Sooholang was designed using white Siberian tigers as a motif. Sooholang is not only adventurous and passionate, but also the gallant protector of all the athletes, participants and spectators of the 2018 Games.



▲ Luge

▲ Short Track Speed Skating

▲ Skeleton



Hmmmm, looks like Sooholang’s list of events doesn’t match at all with Bandabi’s list~

That’s a pretty dynamic tiger! How cute is Sooholang?



We’ve got the perfect theme for those who want to see Sooholang’s brave face on their phones!  ☺


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Last but not least, our Paralympic mascot, Bandabi!~


What are the Paralympics, you ask??

The Paralympics are organized by the International Paralympic Committee, and is an international sporting event for people with physical disabilities. Just like the Olympics, they are held every four years. ☺


Without further ado, let’s introduce Bandani, the mascot for the Paralympics! ☺



▲ Paralympic mascot, Bandabi



Bandabi the Moon Bear is driven and brave.

Where does Bandabi’s name come from? The first half, ‘banda’ comes from the name for moon bear in Korean, while the second half, ‘bi,’ can connote ‘commemoration’ in Korean.



▲ Alpine Skiing

▲ Biathlon

▲ Cross-country Skiing



Our second 2018 Olympic mascot, Bandabi, was designed using moon bears as a motif. Bandabi is driven, motivated and supremely brave.

He fights for equality and harmony. He’s the biggest supporter of all the Paralympic athletes, cheering them on so they can conquer every obstacle in their way.



▲ Wheelchair Curling

▲ Ice Hockey

▲ Snowboard



This Olympic theme is for anyone out there who wants to bottle some inspiration from the 2018 PyeongChang games and put it on their phone!


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Passion. Connected.


The motto of this years’ Games, ‘Passion. Connected.’ symbolizes the power of the Olympics to connect people around the globe through passion for sport and competition. Samsung Themes is here to share in the spirit of the Olympics. ☺





2018 PyeongChang Olympics and Paralympics – Go athletes!!