IP, Golden Egg



‘Pororo’ known as The Children’s President, ‘T-Rex’ from Jurassic World, and a reminiscent game ‘Lineage’.


They all have one thing in common, which is being an ‘IPIP(intellectual property)’ loved by many people.


It has become very important globally to possess character IP. Well-made IP is considered to be Golden Egg.


We would like to talk about character IP as the 7th theme of Design & Tech.



#Value worth 200 Times More


“Iron Man’ is one of the most loved characters of Marvel.


Recently, payment in “Infinity War’ was near 100 million dollars. However, when ‘Iron Man’ first came out, he was paid only 500 thousand dollars. As ‘Iron Man’ got more popular, the value went up by more than 200 times.


This explains that value of IP changes depending on how much the character is loved.


Disney, in possession of many popular characters including Iron Man, has become a strong player of IP with no doubt, especially with 3 movies that made the most money of the year.


(1st: Black Panther – 257 million and 700 thousand dollars, 2nd: Avengers: Infinity War – 202 million dollars, 3rd: Incredibles 2 – 180 million dollars)



#IP, Saving Companies from Bankruptcy


What can popular IP be used for?


Maybe it would be easier to find an answer to a question, ‘What can popular IP be not used for?’ Popular IP can be used for many different purposes as One Source Multi-Use.


‘Angry Birds’, well-loved mobile game, by Rovio Entertainment, is also an IP that has been favored by many people. The characters have been popular, which led to a lot of character products, movie and animations, as well as theme parks.


‘Bonobono’, Japanese cartoon, started off as 4 panel cartoon to animation series. Character products such as stuffed toy and toy products have been created. Bonobono theme is well-loved in Samsung Theme Store.


Red Seeing Red / butterfly-effected GmbH

King’s Castle / butterfly-effected GmbH

Angry Birds: Concentrated Cuteness / butterfly-effected GmbH

Bonobono: Happiness / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Bonobono: Joyful Spring / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Bonobono: In The Forest / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


#Go for More Attractive Choice If Same Value


Samsung Electronics released ‘Galaxy S9 Kakao Friends Package’ last March. Limited edition of 500 included S9 device, smartphone case and charging stand with Kakao Friends printing.


This was a big topic for people who love Kakao Friends characters. What would be the reason for same product but with IP printing to be more loved?


Products with IP provide familiar, yet refreshing feel. If Hello Kitty was applied to an ordinary fan, the fan becomes special, and stimulates your desire for collection even if you already had a fan.


There is also another advantage of being able to express one’s preference and personality. Using a product with one’s favorite character can provide a bigger satisfaction.


Samsung Theme has various themes using different IP. You can see themes using cute characters like Bonobono and Hello Kitty, or game characters like Lineage and Angry Birds. Try out new Samsung Theme backgrounds with IP.