Hey Fall, Wanna Go For a Walk?



Fall, the season for men!

Who was that again? That said fall is the season for men?

We’ve got a ton of themes to melt the hearts of all our sentimental users. You know, those of you out there with misty eyes, blanketed by falling leaves, walking arm in arm with your perfect-for-fall boyfriends. We’ve got you covered.


Get your fall fix with our themes!

Shall we go for a walk?



▲ [MINU]Pink Mulley / MINWOO BAE

▲ fall [Premium] / NOTEFOLIO.CO.,LTD

▲ [CoguL.] Autumn Flowers_Live AOD Sound Iris / Cogul Planet Inc.


Warm, sensitive themes for all our sentimentalists out there~

A perfect bit of warmth against the chilly blowing breezes of fall!



▲ [aire] Be Calm (LIVE) / aire design

▲ Fall_Color / MiJung Park


Classy themes, for the couples that strive for stylish and sexy!

Can you feel the chic of fall? This item is an absolutely must for couples who like to keep their style simple!



▲ Landscape painting_Premium / IMOB

▲ [POLY] Maple on Railroad (AOD+Live+Ringtone) / POLYCUBE Inc.

▲ [ALTTAM] Walk of fall / ALTTAM


Fall landscape themes, for the sensitive young men and women!

Capture fall right on your phone, pretty as a picture~



▲ [THENEW] reed forest ♥(AOD/iris)_DALJI / THENEW

▲ [MINU]Common reed / MINWOO BAE

▲ Autumnal Scene_SEYEON / SEYEON


Women are like reeds, you say? That expression is as old as time!

But this reed theme is about as feminine as you can get!



▲ [THENEW] cosmos moon(AOD/iris)_JJU / THENEW


▲ [CoguL.] Autumn Breeze_Live AOD Sound Iris / Cogul Planet Inc.


The cosmos flower, fall perfect pair!

How about enjoying those beautiful, swaying flowers, right on your phone?~

You’ll feel like you’re walking along a road lined with cosmos!



▲ [THENEW] maple deer couple(AOD/iris)_JJU / THENEW

▲ Lovely dog_Jennyberry – THENEW / THENEW

▲ [PIXOME]Yummy!autumn / pixome design


It feels like it’s going to be a chilly fall. What do you say to a change of scenery with these cute themes?



▲ Autumn Propose / IMOB

▲ [ALTTAM] Autumn stroll / ALTTAM


Our fall story

If you’re dreaming of a fairy tale love story, how about a cute, sweet couple theme?

A fall love romance is sure to melt your hearts~




How was your walk with fall?

Don’t feel too lonely this breezy, chilly fall. Enjoy a nice, cozy, and warm fall with Samsung Themes instead~


Oh yeah! One last thing~

Those heartwarming themes are sure to go really well with all of our warm-hearted users out there~☺


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