Find Retro in themes!


What if vintage design adds modernity? You’re right, it’s Retro Design! There are five points of retro design that envolves without staying in the past. You can meet theme now.

It is said that the origin of Pinup Girl comes from World War 2 in which American soldiers pinned up photos or pictures of girls stimulating their fantasy. As a retro design, Pinup-Girl design that emphasizes women’s sexual attraction and glossy fashion does not suffer by comparison.

Since various color couldn’t be used due to expensive cost of print, they expressed the design with only 2~3 colors. The fact that they catch eyes with strong colors on design that can be seen to be dull, It is so gorgeous.

Like dolls we played with in our childhood or a hand stained film camera, Old antique items become more attractive as time files by! Shouldn’t retro items gain more popularity in the future by nostalgia of the past?

The fonts we might have seen in 80’s color TV or movie posters are counted as the essential elements in current Retro Design. With variation of old fonts, more various retro fonts are being created.

Do you remember Super Famicom, Galaga or Pack Man? Pixel are is ongoing though 8 bit games are gone! Owing to the popularity of Retro Design, they have appeared in an animation The Simpson and movies as well.

Meet Retro Design holding vintage style and modernity in Themes.

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