Diving into Neon Themes



Neon signs — those shining beacons of color, bursting from even the darkest of backdrops!

It’s hard to think of anything as polished or smooth.


Let’s dive right into the beauty and allure of neon!


These themes are sure to help you fight back against those dreary winter nights, and may even cure that pesky post-meal malaise!

Who knows, maybe you’ll find just the right theme to kickstart your senses…



▲ [aire] LED Lip / aire design

▲ [Code Art] Love / Made in Italy Code Art A.C.



Are you in love? Well, then we recommend this neon theme, dripping with romance. 🙂



▲ [CoguL]Neon Car_AOD Sound Iris / Cogul Planet Inc.

▲ [Live] Future Car / butterfly-effected GmbH


What’s more romantic than every man’s dream car? ~

Well, how about one drawn in neon? Definitely cooler.~ ☺



▲ [Walk on Mars] Neon Blue Heart / Hyun Ug Joo

▲ [Walk on Mars] Neon Pink Heart / Hyun Ug Joo


Here’s a perfect couple item for all those smitten twosomes out there.

A special perk for couples. Enjoy!



▲ stay cool neon / Studioheydey

▲ life is beautiful_neon_P / IMOB

▲ [aire] Gonna Be Awesome (LIVE) / aire design


This neon lettering leaves quite an impression.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Neon signs never stop shining. Pretty romantic,~



▲ milky way / iConnect

▲ [MR.T] Stay High / Apposter

▲ [THENEW] my galaxy♥(AOD/iris)_DALJI / THENEW


Anyone ever dreamed of exploring the deepest reaches of space?

Endless space~ the complete unknown!

Take a look at the rapture of this night sky — any stress is sure to just melt away!



▲ [CoguL]Electronic line / Cogul Planet Inc.

▲ [kimkim] Space Walk (Live) / Miyoung Kim

▲ Digital Blue Space / butterfly-effected GmbH


This scene is straight out of a sci-fi novel. Having that feeling at your fingertips is one simple download away~

Maybe this is what it feels like to go on a spacewalk? Even my boyfriend fell for this fantastic neon theme!

Be sure to check it out. You won’t be able find this futuristic, amazing design in real life.~ ☺



▲ [POLY] Gorgeous Butterfly (AOD+Ringtone) / POLYCUBE Inc.

▲ [CoguL]Neon Bird_Live AOD Sound Iris / Cogul Planet Inc.

▲ Neon Blue Butterfly / 2DayUK Limited


Fly To The Sky~ Take to the skies, just like the birds and butterflies~

This theme is freedom embodied, brilliant and shining. It comes with our highest recommendation.~



▲ [THENEW] Hello Tomorrow(AOD/iris)_COCO / THENEW

▲ [Walk on Mars] Neon Stars / Hyun Ug Joo

▲ [Code Art] Lightfall / Made in Italy Code Art A.C.


The moon, the stars, and everything else that shines!

Something shiny, lighting up your phone!

Enjoy that brilliance!



▲ Neon Night City / butterfly-effected GmbH

▲ [1624] CyberPunk 2174 / 1624


Exhausted from your day-to-day? This neon theme takes a normally gray-city and drapes it beautifully in neon. It’s perfect for warming your soul.~

Who knew a city could look this gorgeous!!

If you’re a modern man or woman living in the city, enjoy a bit of rest and healing with this neon theme.~




From yours truly, Samsung Themes – forever trying to be as shiny and bright as the always-fabulous neon~★


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