[Design&Tech] Simple is best


Have you ever felt frustrated by all the stuff stacked up like Tetris in your room? Or after fulfilling all the duties of the week and returning home, only to feel empty?


What you need is not larger space to fill with more stuff, or to meet more new and diverse people. Maybe the answer is “Simplification”.


The sixth theme of Design & Tech is about “Simplicity”.



# To have less is to have more


The minimalism trend that has been going on for some years now began from tiredness.


Modern people who are enjoying unprecedented richness in life and live in a flood of information are often feeling tired of this “richness”. In this tired modern society, minimalism is conveying the message that “to have less is to have more”.


The word minimalism comes from the word “minimal” combined with “ism” and pursues “simplicity” above all. It can be said that it reduces decorative parts such as finesse and dramatization to the minimum, leaving only essential elements to identify the essence of the object.


Minimalist works of art are commonly composed of uncomplicated simple shapes, uniform patterns making it predictable and honestly arranged forms.




# Empty out and fill


Minimalism can be found in not only art but is pervasive in our daily lives as well.


Minimalism is often used in interior design but can be applied to diverse fields from cultural areas like fashion and art to human relations and way of thinking.


By just putting necessary items on the shelf to feel the beauty of empty space, the simple smartphone with no buttons, and the thinking process to simplify a complicated situation and focus on the main issue at hand, are all affected by minimalism.


In order to practice minimalism, we need to first “empty”, but just simply emptying is not everything. We need minimalism because in the empty space created from taking out unnecessary things, we can fill with the things that we like or need


Saint-Exupery once said, “Perfecting simplicity is not when there is no more to add but when there is no more to take away”. In other words, to live in a simple way is to fill with only the valuable things.




# Minimalism is nearby


Simple design has many advantages.


It goes well anywhere and by giving off a sophisticated and clean feel, it does not get boring even when looked at for a long time. The simple design without unnecessary decorations even gives an urban feeling.


Even among the Samsung themes, simple designs are always a popular category. Because a smartphone is complex with various functions and apps, the simple design theme always receives much love. The word “Simple” is never left out in the top six countries’ popular words.


Minimalism is not far away. You can look for simplicity starting from the nearby smartphone!


Plain White / POLYCUBE Inc.

Violet Mood / Designvade

Bung-a ppang / Dwith

Simple line_Grey / ALTTAM

[Lyon] Cup of coffee / kigum choi

Linen Ui (White) / Hiten Soni