[DESIGN&TECH] About Black


How many ‘black’ objects do you have now that are within a 1m radius?


From the computer and keyboard on the desk to the smartphone in your hand and the coat and bag on yourself, our daily life is embedded in black


It has not been so long since the color black has become this familiar.


As the fifth theme of DESIGN & TECH, we like to talk about “Black”.



# Color of dark horror


In fact, for a long time, ‘the color black’ had not been welcomed by people.


In times when bright light could not be obtained as easily as now, the color black symbolized ‘darkness’, which naturally became the color of ‘fear’, ‘fall’, and ‘death’.



This fear is expressed both in the East and the West where the god of death wearing black or in the Celtic proverb, “People become terrified when a black dog or a black fog appears”.


Not only that, black has been used in drawing up culturally and socially negative images in cases such as ’black Monday’, which refers to periodic or repetitive stock price crash or ‘black consumer’, which refers to consumers who deliberately claim malicious complaints.



# Stylish and luxurious colors


Over time, however, the color black has begun to include a wider variety of images.


Black, a symbol of fear, has widened its range slightly as the color that gives a refined and clean feel.



Chanel has made the black dress, which has been used as a mourning dress, into an everyday dress by announcing the ‘Little Black Dress’, and as fashion designer Christian Dior even said “The elegance of black is a mixture of noble, naturalness, sensitivity, and simplicity”, interest in black in the fashion industry has grown more and more.


In addition, a luxurious image has been added to the color black as “Black Label” has been attached to the finest liquor and “Black cards” have been made for only a few selected people.


Now, the color black suddenly has become the color that symbolizes modernity and chic as we know it

In a situation where if unstylish red rubber gloves are re-born as ‘Black edition’, they would look trendy for some reason.



#Simple but intense color


One of the charms of the color black is in its double-sidedness that makes the color visible while making other colors stand out.


It has delivered a variety of messages over the centuries as the color that enhances visibility through intense contrast with the color white as in white paper and the color black of stones of the game Go. That’s because although black is simple, it carries some weight by itself alone.



On the contrary, it also serves the role of making other colors stand out.


Just as the half-moon in the night sky appears yellower than the daytime half-moon, and the red shoes in all-black costumes look more intense than the red shoes in jeans, the color black helps other colors to express their own color well.


The color black, giving a sense of presence while being plain, and gives a sense of stability while being unique, has become the color loved by many people, making its dark past as history.


Even in the Samsung Theme Store, ‘black’ has become the main color as it has become the top 5 in 10 main countries. Why not try black if you don’t want to miss out on modernity and elegance?


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