Color of Spring in Themes



The seemingly eternal cold has now gone and the season of spring that delights us every minute has returned.


What comes to your mind from the word ‘spring’?


Warm and cozy things such as a tricolored cats taking a nap below the warm sunshine, cherry blossoms falling as pink flower rain and the warm spring wind that blows during a stroll comes to mind.


We seek to meet themes that befit ‘spring’ in the 8th theme story.



Flowers that Blossom in Spring


Spring flowers are the first signs that spring is here.


Diverse flowers such as cherry blossoms with branches splendidly blossoming, yellow forsythia and elegant magnolia tells us that it’s the start of spring.


What flowers can we see in Samsung Themes?



Hello, spring / MISUK PARK

[VIVA] cherry blossom / motiveflux interactive

Springbreeze & MOH (Live & AOD) / MOH Inc.

[1624] Bloom Of Cherry Blossoms / 1624

Again Spring / DLTO

[Alttam](Jn) Pretty Magnolias Blooming In Spring / Alttam



Joys of Spring


The reason why spring was longed for during all of winter is not only because of the cold winter.


It is also because there are things that can be done only in spring such as picnics in the park with packed lunches, an iced Americano drink full of ice and taking a drive with the windows fully opened.


What themes have literally reflected the joyful ‘spring’?



[Hio] Love Road_HIO STUDIO

flower crown cat_premium_IMOB

Bear&Bee_MiJung Park

[Alttam](Jw) A Sunny Spring Day_ALTTAM

[Pixome]Animals Pot_pixome design

Spring Picnic_Aod_kigum choi



The Season of Couples Starting


Spring is the season of couples blossoming.


There are couples who walk the streets holding their hands, couples who eat chicken and beer at baseball games and people who enjoy night view dates during strong winds. Couples enjoying the warm weather can be seen everywhere.

Shall we meet the sweet couples in Samsung Themes too?



[HIO] Push and Pull_HIO STUDIO

Always With Me_MINDON design_MINDON Co., Ltd.

springtime wedding [masi]_HD MOTION


[POLY] Night Rooftop Date (AOD)_POLYCUBE Inc.

Spring _doubledot



Colors Befitting Spring


Spring can be felt first with the eyes.


The brown trees with only skinny branches left has dyed into colorful flowers and people who wore thick brown coats now wear gorgeous spring clothes.


What colors befit thrilling spring?


[RABO] Lovely blossom_enju Lee

[Minu]Gradient Pinkyellow_MINWOO BAE

[Greenut]Pink Dot_Simple_Hye ryeon Kim

Soft Pastel Theme (Live)_Roofy&Company

[Walk On Mars] Pastel Paper_Hyun Ug Joo

The Color Of Life_hang liu