Samsung Themes TOP 10 March Themes


Today let’s have a look at the 10 most popular Samsung Themes from March.

Samsung Themes is a global service offered in all 185 countries where the Galaxy is sold. As this is a service offered to people across the globe, there is indeed a huge number of users enjoying content from Samsung Themes. This March alone saw over 30 million downloads. Thank you so much to all the faithful Samsung Themes users out there!

Without further adieu, here are the top 10 free Samsung Themes from March. You can almost smell that Spring fragrance, no??


1. [aire] Shiny Particle

Designer: aire design


2. Believers

Designer: shenzhen zhangku software Ltd.


3. [aire] the Mountain

Designer: aire design


4. [GIFT]Puffy Heart

Designer: prapas chantavali


5. Oriental Lamp & MOH

Designer: MOH Inc.


6. Sky Road

Designer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


7. [aire] sd_Black

Designer: aire design


8. [aire] Dawn of the Lake

Designer: aire design


9. Sunset

Designer: shenzhen zhangku software Ltd.


10. Keep The Spring_SEYEON

Designer: SEYEON


Being that it was March and the beginning of Spring, it seems like healing themes with a nature concept were most popular. I’m curious which of these 10 the users out there like best☺

Please look forward to future posts from Samsung Themes. Goodbye for today!