[VOL.21] Butterfly-effected with 1.06 million followers



1. Please introduce yourself, Butterfly-effected

Hello everybody, I am Reiner Prohaska and I am the ceo of Butterfly-effected

I founded the company in 2004 with the purpose of offering customers new ways to personalize mobile devices. Back then we already developed a wallpaper generator for java phones, which enabled users to integrate own photos into wallpapers and create their own compositions.

Later we moved into the gaming business and then developed different systems for international companies. We are very happy though about our partnership with Samsung and the huge success of the themes business. It´s like going back to the roots for us.


2. Why did you name yourself as Butterfly-effected?

I grew up with two brothers who both became physicists. Since we were young we were fascinated by the butterfly effect, a part of the chaos theory that states that one small change in a situation can drastically change the outcome of an event. A butterfly can flutter its wings over a flower in China and cause a hurricane in the Caribbean. This idea, that we all can make a change in this world, stuck to me and became the name and driving force of our company.


3. Is there anything in particular that made you choose to work as a Samsung Themes seller?

We have a long history with Samsung and already provided content for their first mobile contents store, the Samsung Funclub, in 2006. Since then we were working together in different areas, often challenging, but always fruitful. So there was no question to apply for Samsung Themes right away after we heard about it. This was three years ago. But quite frankly, we would have never thought, that this business would grow so rapidly. Samsung, as the world´s leading mobile phone manufacturer, is the perfect partner to bring it to the next level.


4. You are seller with the most number of followers. What is your secret to be loved by many people?

The customers always come first. We listen to their wishes and try to improve our products according to their feedback. One example: when we started our icons were not always top notch and we received some criticism for them. That´s why we went back to the drawing board and spend months to completely rework and improve them. After that many users started to praise them.
But to be honest, we also try to buy the affection of the people by continuously providing themes of high quality for free. 😉


5. Is there any seller who draws your attention? 

There are so many talented designers and companies in the Samsung Eco System. It´s hard to name one. But we don’t see them as rivals or competition. We all share the same mission to provide the people with wonderful designs, which make interaction with their phones more fun and brighten up their lives.


6. I understand that you have done collaborations with various brands like Playboy and Angry Birds. What other collaborations do you have in plan? Is there any brand that you would like to do collaboration with?

We are very proud to have partners like Paramount Pictures, Hello Kitty, Angry Birds and Warhammer, who want us to create Themes and Watchfaces based on their iconic brands.
Currently we are negotiating with many more international top brands, some of their themes we will launch in october. Be prepared for:

My dream is to work with Marvel and Disney, as I am big fan of their movies.


Ghost in the Shell: Shattered Glass / Butterfly-effected

The Godfather: Don Corleone / Butterfly-effected

Angry Birds: Evolution / Butterfly-effected


7. Where have you drawn inspiration from when creating themes?

The average user is interacting 300 times with their phone each day. When we start with the creation of a theme we always ask ourselves how to make this interactions as pleasant as possible. Themes are a perfect way to transport emotions and convey certain moods. Our main motivation is to use the power of art and themes to make the customers happy and inspire them.


8. What theme best represents Butterfly-effected? 

For example one of our earliest themes: “Paper Butterflies” since it’s colorful, has a clean design and also connects through its content to our firm (butterfly). For newer themes it would probably be “Fractals in Nature” because of its colorful images and icons.


Paper Butterflies / Butterfly-effected

Fractals In Nature / Butterfly-effected


9. What is the theme that was loved the most by people?


Dark Water / Butterfly-effected

Guardian of the Night / Butterfly-effected

Red Spider Web / Butterfly-effected


10. Is there any theme that did not get enough attention you thought it deserved? Is there any theme that you put extra effort in?

We put effort in all of our themes, and they usually get some attention. Most of them will be promoted at some point, so that’s another way for us to bring them to our customers attention.
We also have some new themes with images from “Anne Stokes”, a fantastic artist who create the most magical artworks. We hope they will get a lot of attention as we are in love with them already!


Anne Stokes: Angel Rose / Butterfly-effected

Anne Stokes: Once Upon a Time / Butterfly-effected


11. What’s the hardest thing about creating themes?

To think about what the users will feel when they use the theme. And on a technical level, combining great designs with visibility of elements like text and icons.

12. Which theme is the most popular, and in which country?

Our most popular themes would be “Metallic Liquid”, “Solar Eclipse” at the moment. And we are most popular in India, USA and Brazil at this moment.


Metallic Liquid / Butterfly-effected

Solar Eclipse / Butterfly-effected


13. Are there any episodes related to creating themes?

Over 50 Designers and Artists within our company are creating themes and watchfaces. They are working in different teams using a well structured process, which we created and optimized over the years. They start by collecting ideas, make first sketches and then select the best ones for production. After the production we do an extensive QA and if they pass, we finally upload them into the store.


14. Do you have a message you’re trying to send with your themes?

We just want to brighten up the daily lives of the people, raise awareness that we only live once and make our contribution to make this world a little more colorful.


15. What’s the most memorable user reaction you can recall?

There are so many and we are thankful for each of them. Reactions like this make our hard work worth:

“You made my day.”

“You did it again, thank you.”

“Everytime looking on my device I get a smile.”


16. Do you have any tips for people who want to become a theme designer?

The Designer Alex Pie from the US asked me for tips before he started to become a Theme Designer. It makes me happy to see that he is very successful now.

My advice: When you design a theme think of the user and how often they will look at your work. Think of what you want them to feel when they use their phone.
YOLO – You only live once! If you do something, do it with passion and love.
If you design themes, do it as well with passion and love.


17. What is your goal of this year as a theme designer?

We want to continue our journey, further improve the quality of our products and satisfy the needs of the customers.