[vol.19] Miji Lee when thinking of cute themes


Q1. Please introduce yourself.

Hi all. My name is Miji Lee, an illustrator. I am selling cute themes at a theme store using a nickname called ‘Goma’


Q2. What could be the representative themes?

There are three themes, which include Angashiba (Wow No), I don’t want to do anything Shiba(Anything), and Shiba Dog. As I write, I realized that all themes are related to Shiba dogs. Recently, I am so into Shiba dogs.


Wow No


Shiba Dog


Q3. I would like to know how you approach when designing your themes and how you are inspired.

I often go to Pinterest to look at cute and funny pictures and that inspires me a lot. Also, I often try to go around the corner to find cute things in my daily life and I sometimes visit inspirational places.


Q4. How long does it take to make a theme?

That heavily depends on each theme. When I am in a good condition and can concentrate on the theme, I can even finish in one day but it can take up to a week.


Q5. What are some free/paid themes that you put your best effort to?

For free themes, I gave my best effort to Goma Bluck. It was the very first theme created in the theme store and I was very lost when making the theme.


For the paid themes, I gave my best effort in the Shiba Dog Theme. Since it was my first time making a black theme, there was a certification error all the time, so it was somewhat painful as I had to edit, re-edit, and re-upload


Goma Bluck


Q6. What could be the theme that you feel less satisfied as it didn’t get much attention as you expected and what is a theme that you are attached to the most?

It’s the tooth theme that I was personally very satisfied while working on it. Since I started orthodontics, I often see a dentist, and that just made me think I could probably make a theme using teeth, and this created the Tooth theme. The concept was somewhat challenged to earn public people’s attention I believe.


Creshire Cat is the theme that I am attached the most. It was handcrafted and since I like drawings of Alice World, I had so much fun while making the theme.



Chesire Cat


Q7, You made a lot of animal related themes like cats and dogs, and is there a special reason for that?

I grew up with cats and dogs since I was young and since I like them a lot, I believe I made animal themes more often. I am raising a parrot named ‘Mone’


Q8. Other than cats and dogs that are originally just cute items, is there a special skill how you can express normal items like ‘avocados’ to look cute?

I tend to observe the surrounding environment well. Then, daily figures sometimes look new to me and whenever that happens, I sketch those ideas and make them as themes later.


Q9. Is there a user reaction that you still remember?

These days, I see some comments saying that ‘I buy Goma themes with trust’. These kinds of comments are the most memorable and they also encourage me a lot when I work.


Q10. In what country are your themes the most popular, and which theme has the most reactions?

Recently, Korea has the highest sales volume. AngaShiba (Wow No) theme was ranked as the 1st place in the Euro theme for about three weeks. That was a surprising experience.


Q11. Is there a unique that you would like to challenge?

Since I mainly work on cute items, I tend to get bored, so I want to mix comical points into my works.


Q12. What tips could you give to those dreaming to be theme designers?

I think it’s best to make the theme that you want to do. If you work on a theme that does not fit yourself just because it’s a popular item, you will feel less attached to the item just like a cloth that does not fit you well.


Q13. Are there special messages you would like to deliver through your works or something you would want your theme users to feel?

Since life is tough, a lot of people tend to be negative. What I make are small drawings in a cell phone, but I just want them to smile every time they turn on their cellphones.


Q14. What theme designer would you like to be remembered as?

I want people to think of ‘Goma’ when thinking of a cute theme.