[VOL.18] Lyon Studio, full of fascinating imagination



“You can’t always only see what you want to see.

But you can at least look at what you want to see on your cellphone.


Q1. Introducing the Lyon Studio!

A. Hello, we are Lyon Studio.

Lyon Studio is a graphic design studio that specializes in graphic design overall, based primarily on theme service. Lyon Studio, which makes creative designs in various IT fields, considers itself to be defined as a tech-art group.


Q2. What does the name “Lyon studio” mean?

A. Although Lyon is pronounced as “Lion”, the name itself is actually derived from the city “Lyon” in France, as the CEO has had fond memories of Lyon during his past travel and has wished to stay there longer. While currently we are a company of small scale, the CEO has named the company in his ambitions to succeed and open a branch office in Lyon.


Q3. Where do you get the inspiration from when you design a theme?

A. Although there are times I design themes after being inspired, I generally plan my designs in advance.

I may deal with concepts that fit the occasion such as the season, holidays, current issues, etc., but I always tend to contemplate themes that are not affected by the trend and are loved steadily, such as materials including metal, distinct colors with a specific fandom such as black and red, or religion.

When I decide upon a certain concept, I search up keywords on stock contents site and view pictures and illustrations, from which I plan how the design will be created. Although the completeness of the theme is important, I view that the value of the original image itself is very important, and so I try my best to find valuable images.


Q4. What are some themes that represent the Lyon Studio?

A. There are a total of 3 themes.

First is the Luxury car, which is not only evidently loved by many, but also a theme that has greatly affected the identity that we strive for.

Second is the Buddha’s smile, which demonstrates the highest degree of completion among the many themes regarding religion that we have. I view that a religious theme is steadily popular as smartphone is an essential item in our daily lives.

The last is the Engine button, a theme designed with the concept of an ignition button and with the touch of leather and metal texture. It is one of our own favorites, as the theme offers its inherent merits of the material including metal, leather, etc.


Luxury car

Buddha’s smile_AOD

Engine button


Q5. What are some themes that have not seen their merits than expected?

A. There are themes in the illustration series, such as the Floating Moon, which I’ve had fun designing as the illustrations were very appealing. However, the results were a little disappointing as they did not receive much love from the users as I have desired for.

Despite the efforts to achieve a balance in tone and manner in its details, the theme did not appeal to the users as much as expected; however, the high level of satisfaction in the users that have bought the theme was encouraging.


Floating Moon



Q6. What are some themes that especially took more effort in design?

A. Among the paid themes, there is the most recently designed Diamonds on Black theme. It is a theme of luxurious concept that has been meticulously designed with attractive details while avoiding excessive details in all aspects such as its texture and color. The AOD was also a work of vigorous efforts to offer a striking appearance while maintaining a polished look.

Among the free themes, the most representative is the I-style, which had originally been designed as a paid theme and then introduced as free, for the theme of the same series that had been uploaded earlier received such popular response. As a theme offering a stylish concept, I have especially put my best efforts in its icons.


Diamonds on Black




Q7. Various modes of transportation such as motorcycle, cars, airplanes, and hot air balloons have been used. What are some special reasons in their use?

A. It may be a reflection of monitoring the users’ responses, or it may also be a reflection of the creators’ interests. Supercar, and a yacht, isn’t that amazing? Luxury car, a theme we consider that most represents our Lyon Studio, was a theme with much success as much as we’ve had fun designing it. Maybe that’s why we often deal with such concepts in our themes.


Q8. What are the greatest difficulties in designing a theme?

A. The most difficult thing is to achieve legibility while maintaining a balance to not lose the original merits of the image.


Q9. Is there a special message that you want to deliver through your works, or any ideas you wish the users received?

A. I only wish the users to simply be satisfied with the desired image and seek happiness from that. You can’t always only see what you want to see, but you can at least look at what you want to see on your cellphone.


Q10. Is there a memorable response from the users’ reviews?

A. There were many valuable reviews, but one of the most memorable reviews was that from a Russian user who had purchased the Dragon and Knight theme and remarked that “the animations in the lock screen makes me feel better every day.”

In addition, there are many users who have purchased religious themes and have left the kindest messages. It appears that the power of religion is amazing.


Dragon and knight


Q11. What are some goals that you have this year as a theme designer?

A. There have not yet been themes that maintained a long stand in the popularity ranking. I wish to work harder this year and create a theme that is loved by the users steadily.


Q12. Is there a different concept that you wish to attempt in the future?

A. I want to attempt a concept related with one of my favorite movies. I enjoy classics and SF movies, in which there are many symbolic movies that may offer great concepts. Of course, it is important to preserve the copyrights and so I think that it will be fun to create a theme with a similar concept that recalls the movie and its memories.


Q13. What kind of a theme designer do you want to be remembered as?

A. I believe that the power to plan and create a theme originates from imagination, and so I wish to be remembered as a designer with fascinating imagination.