Please introduce Pixome design.


Hello. I’m an illustrator by trade, but since design and illustration overlap – in fact the lines of separation between the two are quite blurred – I naturally started to dabble in a variety of fields, including image-based modeling and editing.


I guess you could call me a multi-designer: I do a wide range of things, but nothing too in-depth. As a theme designer, I’m able to work with all of these elements. That’s Pixome in a word – I’m always looking to make fun themes. ☺



As a seller who has themes in a wide range of categories, it seems like it would be difficult to come up with so many different concepts. Where does your inspiration usually come from?


I think I’m able to do that because I’ve always worked in several fields at the same time – design, illustration, image-based modeling, and so on. I draw on all of my experience, as well as go through normal search processes. What concepts are catching on, which colors are in style, which designer’s themes are trending – there are so many places to draw inspiration from. From there you take just the essence…it’s certainly not easy.


I’ve also collaborated with other designers on a few sentimental illustration themes.



I’m curious how you put a price on your illustration themes. Do you have a system for how you decide which themes are free vs. paid, or which ones you put in a discount event?


It’d be great to charge five, ten dollars for a theme. Nobody would buy them, though^^;; Normally I just go with established prices in the theme store. I’ll usually offer themes that take less time for free. I’ll also offer some higher-effort themes for free if I think lots of people will enjoy them.


Please, everyone! Enjoy my themes. Thank you so much.

As for the themes I choose for discount events…I normally go with themes that I personally enjoy, but haven’t received much attention from the public. It’d be a waste to let them go unseen.


▲ [PIXOME]buzzing buzzing(LIVE!)

▲ [PIXOME]My Memo!



People from all around the world download Samsung Themes. Have you noticed a trend concerning which countries (Korea, the US, China, Europe, etc) are attracted to a certain kind of theme?


The popularity of a theme certainly depends on the country. My illustration themes are quite popular in Asia – Korea, China, Thailand, etc. Lots of users in the US and the UK download metal / sleek themes.


What I still find difficult is forecasting these kinds of trends. There are tons of themes I thought would do well, but didn’t. The opposite is also true. What I think you can count on however, is that people will show love to the themes that you put lots of effort into.


▲ [PIXOME]The Grand Budapest Hotel(LIVE!)

▲ [PIXOME] Fantasy gold(LIVE!)



Do any user reactions stick out in your memeory? How are reactions from Korean users different from users from other countries?


All of my users – from both Korea and other countries – offer praise and criticism. It’s all invaluable feedback. I feel bad that I can’t respond to everyone. The most memorable comments come from users who say ‘free plz…’ That happens a lot. I’m sorry everyone! Please buy my themes^^



Do you have any special or funny anectodes from designing / creating themes? 🙂


I always try to take a social interest when designing – like somebody holding a candlelight rally at Gwanghwamun Gate. I put a little extra effort into a theme called ‘Dreaming Whale.’ Lots of users appreciated and connected with this theme and showed it lots of love.




I’m curious about Pixome Design’s plans for future themes. Are you working on a project now?


I’m always spending tons of mental energy thinking about what concept to go with next.

I think I’ll probably focus on anniversaries or the holidays next.



Do you have a goal you’d like to achieve by working with Samsung themes?


I’d love to become a star designer in the US market. It won’t be easy with all the amazing designers out there, but I’ll give it my best.



I’m curious about Pixome Design’s plans with Samsung Themes for 2018.


I plan on creating some themes for 2018 that stand out from my previous work.



Could you give a bit of advice to aspiring theme creators, authors or brands?


There are already so many talented creators out there filling up this space. It won’t be easy to have your themes stand out from that crowd. I think the best piece of advice I could give is to find your own style – something that nobody can imitate. Create something unique with that style. In addition to that, study the trends. Be familiar with and analyze other designers’ themes. Analyse user needs. There’s certainly a lot to do! ^.^