Please introduce yourself, [Sebastian Wolodkiewicz].

I am a designer and developer specializing in interface design and user experience.

At a young age, I was interested in design, I created my first websites.

I studied Sociology and Graphic Design. In 2011 I founded Studio Yeti Advertising Agency. At that time, I was creating projects for many clients from a wide range of industries (fashion, new technologies, renewable energy, security, pharmaceuticals and more).



How long does it usually take you to create a theme?

The process of creation is very diverse. Averaging is usually less than 2 weeks of my work on a given themes.



Are there any themes that were received better than you expected? Or, are there any themes that have gone relatively unnoticed that you’d like to recommend?

The “Luxury Gold” theme created in 2015 has been in the TOP10 for many months. This was one of the first elegant thems I had created. I’m still receiving many positive comments and emails.

There are few themes that I especially like and would like to recommend. These are: “­ARC” and “Colorful Lines”.


▲ Luxury Gold


▲ Colorful Lines



Which of your free themes took the most effort? What about paid themes?

From the free ones, the “Deep Blue” theme and “Tree” theme costs me the lot of work time. I am very happy that they are popular and still being loved – almost 1 million downloads. Although themes are free, they have full technical support and are always updated to be compatible with the latest Android.

And from the paying themes… Well,  I want each of my theme to be the best, I put a lot of effort and time in creating new ones. I do not set the exact time of its realization. When it is finished and people like it, then all my time spent on designing is just not important any more. When the themes is getting positive comments this is what I’m getting satisfaction from and I know that the effort was worth.


▲ Deep Blue

▲ Tree



What’s the hardest thing about creating themes?

I like my job and it is hard for me to find the one thing that makes the work difficult. 
When creating, I’m spending a lot of time testing theme on devices. I have various models of smartphones on my desk to best suit the theme to the design of the device. This is undoubtedly a time consuming process.




Where have you drawn inspiration from when creating themes?

I have drawn my inspiration from the world around me, travel, friends. It could be a bike ride or a nice fabrics, structure. Who knows 🙂




Do you have a message you’re trying to send with your themes?

I would like to my motives cause satisfaction. And sometimes smile on the users’ face.



What’s the most memorable user reaction you can recall?

I received a lot of messages from users around the world. Hmm… Its really hard to recall one now. I am happy when user message me I have created his favorite theme, which completely changed the look of his phone and he is very satisfied now. This kind of support from users motivates me to continue working.



Have you ever created or edited a theme thanks to a user’s suggestion?

I appreciate every suggestion from users. Communication between me and the recipient is very important to me. All suggestions I take into account. It is mostly about new versions, color variations or minor changes.




Please let us know your concepts and plans for future themes.

I have few new ideas. I can’t tell you the concepts now. I want it to be nice surprise 🙂

But I hope users will like it.



Please say something to the many fans who support [Sebastian Wolodkiewicz] themes.

Thank you for your support and appreciation of my work. I hope that future projects will also bring you a lot of satisfaction and pleasant visual experience.