[Walk on Mars] Please introduce yourselves.

Hello. We are a small Theme Creator Group, made up of only two members, called Walk on Mars. We were founded in the beginning of 2016, and have worked up until now creating Samsung Themes. While neither of us have a formal background in design, we have always tried to create themes from the point of view of users, fueled by our interest and passion in design.


Your name leaves quite an impression. Whats the reason behind your name [Walk on Mars]?

Mankind has still yet to set foot on Mars. Likewise, even though we don’t know everything about design, we built on the idea of making the impossible possible, and began working under the name ‘Walk on Mars.’ Don’t you think that mankind will one day take a great leap on Mars?


When and why did you start working with Samsung Themes?

About two years ago we won a prize at a Samsung Themes contest, and naturally started creating Samsung Themes.



· Love Graffiti (See the theme)



Please recommend a kind of hidden gem theme – one that hasnt gotten the attention you thought it would

I would say the theme ‘Love Graffiti.’ In contrast to our other themes, we created this theme with an artistic point of view, abstractly visualizing the concept of ‘love.’ This theme required a lot of work because everything was drawn by hand. We were very happy and proud once we saw the completed product, because it is so different from our existing themes. It seems to lack popular appeal, however.


· Orchid Violet (See the theme)

· Blue Ocean (See the theme)



What kind of theme best represents [Walk on Mars]?

I think ‘Orchid Violet’ and ‘Blue Ocean’ are good examples. Once these two themes’ downloads took off, our other themes also got a lot more attention. ‘Orchid Violet’ stands out a bit more in my memory. While we thought it was a great product as we were designing it, it got a lot more attention than we ever could have expected. The inspiration for ‘Orchid Violet’ and ‘Blue Ocean’ came from the Galaxy S8 colors.


· Gold Black Note (See the theme)

· Oops! (See the theme)



What are your best free and paid themes?

I think our best free theme is ‘Gold Black Note.’ Because it was one of our first themes, there were a lot of areas lacking in detail. This is one of our most downloaded themes even a year after our release, as we continually build our knowhow and update lacking areas.  I think the best paid theme is ‘Oops!’ We also created this theme in our early period. To be honest, we actually spend a lot of time designing and creating themes in coffee shops or outside the office. One time when we were working in a coffee shop, we happened to spill some coffee. This theme draws on that episode. This is probably the first theme where we tried to add some illustration; thanks to the support of many users, this theme carries both happy and sad memories.


You guys offer many free themes. What criteria do you use to decide which themes are free, and which are paid?

We don’t really have criteria for distinguishing free and paid themes. We don’t put more work into paid themes or less work into free themes. Free themes actually require more work, because people from all around the world download these themes. We haven’t set a clear standard, but if we had to do so, free themes would be a bit more popular and mainstream.


Is there a message you try to send through your themes, or is there something you want the users to feel?

We hope that people think of the themes from Walk on Mars as trustworthy and feel confident downloading them. That’s why for every single product we create, we pay attention to every little thing, from the overall design to the tiniest little details.


Is there a user reaction that really sticks out in your memory?

We get so many comments every day. From all of those comments, the one that sticks out the most was from a user who said ‘you guys literally are ‘Walk on Mars.’ That comment was so meaningful I took a screenshot, and still have that picture on my phone.

Have you ever made or changed a theme after receiving a user request?

We get a lot of requests from users to design a theme that they like  in a different color. Indeed, there have been several times when we’ve listened to our users’ opinions and created the theme in a different color.


Could you let us know about any future theme concepts or plans?

Last year we created a free theme with a ‘Hangul’ (Korean alphabet) motif. A lot of users from other countries downloaded this theme and were interested in the words written in the theme, asking what they meant. At that time I could really feel that Samsung Themes is a global service, and as a Korean designer I can sort of promote Korea. That’s why moving forward I want to create themes that promote Korea and its beautiful traditions. We are also preparing themes based on popular textiles, metals and gold from the US and Europe.


Would you like to say something to the people who support [Walk on Mars]?

I’d like to say thank you to all the people who download and love themes from Walk on Mars. We are creating even more varied and cool themes now, so we would appreciate your continued support. If there is something that needs to be fixed in one of our themes, please email us at and we will do our best to update the theme to make your user experience as convenient as possible.



What kind of theme designer do you want to be remembered as?

I want to become a designer that’s like a colorful rainbow. Walk on Mars has modern themes, illustrated themes, and many themes based on nature. I’m doing my best to be remembered as a designer who can pinpoint users’ tastes with a wide variety of themes.



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