Samsung Themes in 2016 were completed by the elaborated works of theme designers.We sincerely thank those who spent much of their time thinking up ideas,listening to users’ voices and making themes with delicate work.

“Can you think of what theme creatorslearned and things that they cherish in 2016? Meet what 10 theme designerstalk about and their valuable stories.

Would you tell us if you have lessons learned in this year as a theme seller?


Bogyeong Sin


I was pretty amazed by themes of other sellers. Their themes’ quality became so much better than the beginning of the year. And it makes me give more efforts to make themes.



Cheil pengtai


Encountering many works in various countries and different preferences in areas, I could learn and grow a lot. Sellers, including myself, shouldn’t stay where they are and should find their weakness and develop the style they couldn’t think of by other sellers’ themes.



Echo Visuals


We were lucky to be able to start creating themes since they were first launched on the Galaxy S6. We have gained experience throughout the year and have now been able to establish a company and focus on creating successful Samsung themes.





As it was our first step to B2C business from B2B-centered business, it’s been a good opportunity to adapt ourselves to the new environment. Seeing popular themes from various countries, we thought we should not rest on Korean emotions. And we were pleased to have opportunities to make new themes by the offers of clients who liked our themes and tried to contact us. I’m proud of our designers who make our themes with careful attention with their best.



What is your goal in 2017 as a theme designer?


Design City


We would like to provide users with better experiences by making contents in various styles. We hope to hear people saying “it’s really amazing’ whenever they meet our themes.




Our goal in next year is to create more useful animation themes.




Our goal in 2017 is to reclaim No.1. lol I would like to make a new record again by staying No.1 in a long time. 🙂 I hope every seller/designer in Samsung Themes have their heyday in 2017!


Phintonteng_ 2Dartist-Lien Phan


I intend to find the best way to create animated lock screen wallpaper. This function in Theme Editor Tool is not that supportive. If possible, I hope Theme Editor Tool have more upgrades in this function. I will try my best to keep in the regular top list of Samsung Theme Report every month and to get the huge number of fans for my themes.


Please tell us if you have memorable user’s replies or response to your themes.


Mariyana Tsenova


Here are some memorable user’s replies

“Beautiful theme. Works well and doesn’t pull battery usage” (Beautiful Winter theme) (USA)

“Beautiful and clean theme. Original and worth downloading” (Rain theme)

“Great animated theme. Looks gorgeous.” (Beautiful Winter theme) (UK) (★5)”

“She did it again, AWESOME THEME! What else can I say, lol. The only Dev I give 5 review on all themes.” (Dolphins theme) (USA) (★5)

“Love this one! The rain is so beautiful &relaxing. (Rain theme) (USA) (★5)

“My favorite theme I have!” “Excellent! So vivid and gorgeous illustration! (Rain theme) (USA) (★5)

“Thank you for creating stunning themes! I didn’t realize I had almost all of your themes!:)”

And much more memorable comments, I’m sorry for not posting them all on here, but they are a lot and I remember them too.


MiJung Park


There was one who left a comment when the first Christmas theme came out. Even though it was not that great theme I think but that user expressed gratitude for free use of the theme. Thanks to that user’s beautiful mind I’ve been making themes with my best.