[Compliment a Seller] 01. NOTEFOLIO.CO.,LTD


The “Compliment a Seller” corner, is a corner, which a Theme Seller can actually relay their compliments to other Sellers.


Check out the hot Sellers in the Seller store and find out what themes they are creating.  Let’s go and check out right now.


“Notefolio” is the first complimented Seller recommended by Samsung.

Let’s find out why Notefolio has been recommended and what contents should we keep an eye on.


“The theme is recommended to people who are sensitive to trends and like unique styles”


The words #trend and #emotion first comes to mind when you see “Notefolio”. The sentimental colors and unique images are the best features of the “Notefolio”.


In addition, up to this point, Notefolio has created about 500 themes. Each theme has their own sentimental feel. Notefolio is a platform, which helps connect unique writers from different fields.


From cute themes and character themes to magical illustration themes, there are a variety of themes and emotions that exist. The degree of perfection is of course outstanding. Would you like to check out the Notefolio.





Everyday caterday: This theme is about a lovely spotted cat and its owner. Using only black and white, it is a simple and modern black and white theme, but because of the square pencil texture it seems to have a warm feeling. The cats and the owner, which have similar features are impressive. We recommend this theme to people who like simple themes!




A morning-dawn beach: It feels like a sentimental theme just from the name, ‘A morning-dawn beach’. Magical colors of the ocean makes you stare at the ocean as it is like the actual ocean. Purple, which was the color of 2018, is used as the main color to give a trendy feel. If you like sentimental themes, we would like to recommend this theme.




Moon Rabbit: It is a theme about a rabbit that lives on the moon. It was also the most popular theme during Korean Thanksgiving season. It is a theme with a variety of colors yet it is overall neat. It is theme, which also inspires imagination as you can see both the full moon rabbit and the crescent moon rabbit. This theme is recommended for people who like cute and neat themes.


There will be the ‘Compliment the Seller’ section next month, too! 

Who will be the Seller recommended by Notfolio? Coming soon!