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    Skull : From Scarf to Grave

      The skull has various symbolisms.   At times, it may represent death and fear, or the finite nature of life; and also it is consumed as a trendy fashion icon. For the 8th topic of Design&Tech, we would like to talk about ‘Skulls”     # The Skull, symbolizing Death and the Finite Nature of Life   The skull ...
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    IP, Golden Egg

      ‘Pororo’ known as The Children’s President, ‘T-Rex’ from Jurassic World, and a reminiscent game ‘Lineage’.   They all have one thing in common, which is being an ‘IPIP(intellectual property)’ loved by many people.   It has become very important globally to possess character IP. Well-made IP is considered to be Golden Egg.   We would like to talk about ...
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